Grounded in Maine

28: Brenda Winkle: Empowering Sustainability

January 10, 2023 Amy Fagan
Grounded in Maine
28: Brenda Winkle: Empowering Sustainability
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Show Notes

Brenda Winkle responded to a comment I made on a post, and said she wants to talk to me about sustainability, and I'll never turn that down! I love her passion for sustainability and knowing what she's consuming - I love the big-pictureness of her vision!
Brenda is an Empowerment Coach, an Energy Healer, and has her own podcast, Waves of Joy. I just finished  a quick workshop with her called Yes to You. We'll talk about that in the episode!

You can find Brenda's podcast Waves of Joy just about everywhere
She's very active on Instagram and Facebook- here are her links:
Here's her website link - she's got some awesome free offers inside!

Do YOU want to talk sustainability with me? Is there something you want to learn about? Message me- I'm always interested!

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